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Angel Oak

Katherine Wynn Patrick

Ripple Marks On Huntington Beach

Joe Tempel


Jane Thomas

July 21st Sunrise

Debanjana Bhattacharjee


K. R. / Digital Lowcountry

The Second Trace

Jef Sturm

Georgetown Art Gallery

A Lowcountry Artists Co-op

Our Art Gallery is a co-op of 20 local artists working together in order to present the community with different and intriguing views of the world we live in, both here in the Lowcountry and elsewhere.

Working together, we combine our talents and vision in order to most effectively present the wonder and beauty that is all around us here on the edge of the Carolinas. Come by and see what we have to offer!

The Georgetown Art Gallery is located at 705 Front Street, Georgetown, SC 29440, across from the Front Street Theatre and in the shadow of Georgetown’s iconic clock tower.

You can reach us via telephone at (843)527-7711 (Click to Call!), or thru email at info@georgetownartgallery.com .

Local Artists, creating Local Art.

Visual Interpretations of the Lowcountry and Beyond…

“Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.” – A. Einstein

Our Varied Media


Oils. Watercolors. Guache, Acrylics, Encaustic, and more… The diverse talents of the many painters in our Gallery are as much exhibited by the media they choose to work with, as they are by the many different subjects they portray in their art.


Though fewer in number than painters in our Gallery, our Photographers are just as varied in how the present the world to you, as they see it through their respective lenses. Black and white or color, landscape and portraiture, more – moments captured and shared for you to enjoy on your own time.

Ceramics and Sculpture

Visual art pulled out into the third dimension through the use of ceramics, fabrics, wood and more. Art where depth is not an illusion skillfully created on a flat surface, but instead an actualization of material in space.